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We are happy to finally bring you our newest product: Nikita's Keratin Hair Treatment. We know how annoying frizzy and untamable hair can be, so we wanted to deliver an affordable solution that you can do at home. 

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Is there a guarantee?

YES! Even tough we do individual quality tests before shipping out each product, we are also offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Where do you ship and how long does it take?

We ship worldwide. Shipping usually takes 5-14 days, depending on your location. We also have an Express Shipping option available that gives you 2-5 day delivery worldwide.

How can I track my order?

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Can i return the products if I'm not satisfied?

Of course. We give you up to 30 days to return your product if the results do not satisfy you to 100%. We just ask you to give the product a try and if you don't like it, we'll refund you, no questions!